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Стажировки в Китае. Пекин

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от 75 000 руб./услуга

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Стажировки в Китае. Пекин
Стажировки в Китае. ПекинУслуга
от 75 000 руб./услуга
  • +79241172212
  • +74212411761


Многоотраслевая программа стажировок в Пекине

Пекин является столицей Китая, национальным политическим и культурным центром, а также межнациональным центром связи. Пекинская многоотраслевая программа стажировок включает в себя такие сферы как:

Туризм и гостиничное дело,


Международная торговля

Электронная коммерция, 

а также другие отрасли промышленности для разных профессий. Выберете программу стажировок в Пекине для будущей блистательной карьеры!

Цель программы:

  • Получение профессионального опыта и повышение квалификации
  • Ознакомление с китайскими отраслями производства и методами работы в китайских компаниях
  • Быстрый рост китайских коммуникативных навыков
  • Личное восприятие экономики и культуры Китая

Даты начала проекта и продолжительность:

12.03.2015-27.04.2015 6 месяцев и более

27.06.2015 4 месяца и менее 

27.06.2015 5 месяцев и более

22.08.2015 6 месяцев и более

Количество участников - по 15 человек в группе

Требования к участникам:

Высшее образование (Бакалавриат), но не позже 2х лет с момента окончания учебного заведения

Знание китайского языка (преимущественно) или английского языка

Курсы китайского языка: 3 дня в неделю по 3 часа (курс обязателен для стажеров с любым уровнем) 

Проживание: Если компания-наниматель не предоставляет проживание, кандидаты проживают в комфортабельном общежитии для иностранных студентов при Университете. Бесплатное проживание нанимателем предоставляется бесплатно, как правило, в сфере гостиничного бизнеса. В остальных сферах - платно.

Ниже информация о доступных позициях:

Bluegate-Group (www.bluegate-group.com) Consulting and Outsoursing, Intermediary services (Consulting, Advertising, Public Relations, Planning)

Company type Positions        Duties Requirements Scolarship per month
Common Creative Copywriter  

1、Preferably foreigners from English speaking country with basic HSK knowledge (non mandatory) or other nationals with outstanding English language skills, both written and oral.
2、Must have a certain text planning ability and can perform activities related to writing smoothly and efficiently. 


Project Manager、Account Manager,

Copywriter、Account Executive

1. Responsible for creating      creative

ideas for the company,

involved in the project responsible

for copywriting;
2. Implementation and  enforcement

of activities related to planning。

1.Fluent in English and Chinese, English is the main working language. Preferred bachelor degree or above in journalism, advertising, marketing, Chinese or history and other related professional fields, pleasant appearance and well-mannered with a good temperament;
2.Should be cheerful, lively。
Public Relations Manage

1. The person in this position will be mainly

responsible to attend events and activities

organized by the German Chamber of Commerce

and participate in regular activities of the US Chamber

of Commerce to establish contact with the members

of the Association and to provide marketing and

promotions, form alliances, participate at exhibitions

and other aspects of PR that need on-site support.

1. Fluent in English and Chinese with an undergraduate education in journalism, economics, or Chinese, priority is given to candidates with previous experience in public relations professions;
2. Good decision-making capacity and ability to handle unforeseen events related to public relations.


Desing (products, constuction, clothing, environment art, ect.)

Company type

Company name and


Positions Duties Requirements Scolarship per month

Yitian Group Beijing Branch http://www.yitiangroup.com/

Yitian Real Estate Group Co.., Ltd., founded on February 15, 1996, has been developed into a large group company, with real estate development as its core business, and commerce, hotel, highway, logistics, biological pharmacy, property management and industry investiment as its secondary lines. The company has the asset totaling over 15 billion 

Interior designer Assist in designers work  1. Experienced in all related design such as: landscape design, interior design
2.Fluent in English, Chinese in communication level
80-150 CNY per day, lunch provided

CCDI http://www.ccdi.com.cn/

Founded in 1994, CCDI is a large global architecture and engineering consulting firm that provides integrated professional services for urban construction and development.  Its business units cover broad industry sectors with diverse specialized expertise. 

Architector Railway construction design 1. Specialty in Design, Architecture and construction 
2. Fluent in English or Chinese
1600 CNY
International operations intern Building construction design 

Beijing Chuangyizhihao Decoration Design Center  http://www.icyzh.com/

Beijing Chuangyizhihao Decoration Design Center was established in 2010, company focused on home indoor and outdoor design and decoration

Interior designer Responsible for interior design  1. Professional in interior and construction design 
2. Good in Chinese language in order to communicate with co-workers
3. Familiar with design software
4. At least one year experience in design, candidate should have at least 3 years old design coursework
2500-3000 CNY

       7980 Interior Design Studio  http://www.icyzh.com/

Sicheng design studio started its work in 2006 , in 2009 company changed its name to 7980 Interior Design Studio

Interior designer
Assist in designers work 
1. Professional in interior design
2.Familiar with Autocad, 3Dmax
3.Fluent in both English and Chinese languages
For the first 3 months  1200-2400 CNY/
+ commission
After three months 3000-4000 CNY +commission

Hotel, tourism, catering

Company type

Compane name and


Positions Duties Requirements Scolarship per month

Michaels-houses   http:/www.michaels-houses.com/

Michael houses Beijing, started its business in 2008. It's a boutique hotel with Chinese culture construction and design, offering you a traditional atmosphere and modern facilities.

Trainee of  front office Trainee of front office :                                                               1.Responsible for all the duties in front desk report any problems which arises in his her shift ;                      
 2.To answer queries from of guests referring them to contact points at which they can obtain further information ;                                                                 3.Communicate effectively with hotel guests and understand their preferences;                                                  
4.To carry out day to day administration of the front office including answering telephones, emails the distribution of posts and emails; 5.Be responsible for the duties in the front desk and lobby ; 6.Carry out all necessary operations when guests arrive and depart ;
                                                                                                                                      Trainee of Food and Beverage :                                                      1.To serve food and beverage orders according to the established Standard and procedures
2.To have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all food and beverage items in the menu.
3.To handle guest enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner. (language permitting) 
4.To maintain a good rapport and working relationships with associates in the outlet and all other departments.

1, Tourism and hotel management-related specialty
2, Related posts internship experience will be preferred.             3. European and American candidates will be preferred 

4.Fluent in English;Will be a  plus if can speak Chinese

2000 CNY, free accommodation and meal provided

Beijing Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel  www.shichahaitour.com

This cultural hotel is a harmonious consolidation of a theater and accommodation. Guests can enjoy a Chinese shadow play for free, interact with shadow play performers, and learn about the special art. Shichahai Shadow Art Boutique Hotel features guestrooms decorated in modern Chinese elements. All rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities to fit your need

For receptionist position 
3000-3500 CNY/ 
Front desk guest relation
 3500-4000 CNY/ 
accommodation and meal included

Difu Holdings www.dfkonggu.com/

Difu Holdings is the first Brand management group of casual dining in China 

Foreign Barista 1)understand the Coffee prices, raw materials, preparation and various specialservice program;
2)familiar with the various Coffee modulation method,cooking,grinding;
3)responsible for customer reception,dinner;

1) health,diligence,have a sense of identity, the work of a serious and responsible, have good working attitude and team cooperation consciousness;
2) image of good temperament, have a good sense of service, with the affinity;
3) physical health, good character, can bear hardships and stand hard work, college degree or above;

4) Fluent in English and intermediate Chinese listening and speaking. 

40-50 CNY per hou

Estate, Engineering Constuction

Company type

Company name

and Profile

Positions Duties Requirements Scolarship per month

  International Construction Branch OF China Railway 19 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. http://www.cr19.com/webs/index.asp

International Construction Branch of China Railway 19 Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is a national rail engineering company for the General contractor level qualifications in business.

Chinese - English translator, business assistant Translation work; other collateral work 

Specialty in Chinese, International trade

Fluent in English and Chinese

4000-6000 CNY;free accommodation, breakfast and lunch provided 
Chinese - French translator, business assistant

Specialty in Chinese, International trade

Fluent in French and Chinese


International Trade, International Logistics

Company type

Company name and 


Positions Duties Requirements Scolarship per month

BEIJING FJTD FREIGHT FORWARDER CO.,LTD  http://www.bjgjwl.com/index.asp

FJTD provide the most dependable and efficient custom-made freight management and supply chain solutions to our customers. 

Russian customers assistant/ English speaking customers assistant 1.Lead freight sales and sustain business performance by adding and retaining new customers to achieve set revenue goals.
2.Identify, qualify, obtain and develop relationships with prospective customers through the Internet or other lead generating opportunities. 
3.Identify services and pricing that meet customer needs to make business objectives. 
4.Maintain solid understanding of current market conditions and business trends to create offers that will increase company margins. 
5.Track and Maintain sales activity metrics and ensure that weekly/monthly sales quotas are met.

1. Education in international trade, marketing, business management specialty, and other relevant specialties.
2. Work experience will be preferrable

3. Fluent in English or Russian

3500-4500 CNY\

Не представленные на сайте сферы стажировок в Пекине:

-  Медицины и фармацевтики

  -  IT

- Энергетика

Если вам интересны эти сферы, пожалуйста, делайте запросы, мы обязательно предоставим полную информацию о доступных вакансиях.

Стоимость каждой стажировки, пожалуйста, уточняйте отдельно!


Обучение вКитае
Языковые курсыДа
Программы профессиональной подготовки  Да
Консультационные услуги Подбор программы обучения
Бронирование программы обучения  Да
Визовая поддержкаДа
Бронирование билетовДа
Обеспечение трансферамиДа

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  • Цена: от 75 000 руб./услуга